These flat speakers were born from the meeting of two men passionate about acoustics: Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix. From a first prototype made in 2001 as part of an exhibition of contemporary art, they made many experiments, on materials, shapes, components, assembly processes, to develop a high-end speaker in the service of musical emotion. As result of their aesthetic and sound requirements, each Diptyque is an exceptional handcrafted object.

Since his adolescence, Gilles Douziech is passionate about loudspeakers and high fidelity. At 19, during his studies of electronics, he decided to cross France to do an internship with Marcel Rochet, designer of Mulidine speakers. This passionate acoustician gave him fundamental notions about harmonic resonances but also the design of distribution filters. Then he continued his studies with an internship at the acoustic laboratory of the Toulouse university. Without ever ceasing to conceive loudspeakers, he realized for ten years a career in medical electronics in hospital. 

He specializes in ultrasound and trained by the largest companies: Hewlett Packard, Siemens, Philips and General Electric. Then he chose teaching and at the same time created his first ribbon loudspeakers to broadcast his sound creations in the context of contemporary art exhibitions. His meeting with Eric Poix will be crucial to develop the high fidelity Diptyque Audio speakers.

As a lover of high-fidelity for more than 25 years, Eric Poix has never ceased to evolve his listening system, looking for great musicality without giving into fashions and tricks. His skills and know-how in mechanics and ironwork led him to create high fidelity loudspeaker and electronics stands with great acoustic and aesthetic quality. Thanks to him, the Diptyque speakers are endowed with a very sophisticated mechanical structure giving them an extreme rigidity. The tension of the membrane is thus perfectly mastered, an essential point for the acoustic quality of these flat speakers.

« Our loudspeakers are integrally manufactured in our workshops in Montauban (France). Like luthiers, we assemble by hand each element of our models which requires a great thoroughness and a unique know-how to guarantee an irreproachable quality. At the end of the manufacturing process, each loudspeaker is acoustically measured and tested to ensure its musicality. » Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix.

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