Our social and environmental commitments.

Since the beginning of the diptyque audio project, we are aware of the impact of our production on the environment. We are committed to our speakers, sources of sound pleasure, are part of a virtuous social and environmental approach.

Sustainable and repairable speakers.
Diptyque speakers, 5 years warranties, are made to last and give you a flawless listening pleasure over several decades. We design them so that you can pass them on to your children to take advantage of this unique musicality.
Diptyque speakers will be able to renovate at any time in our workshops.

Local artisan production
Our speakers are fully manufactured in our workshops in Montauban (south west of France). We master the entire production line: the melting by digital control, stamping, welding of metal elements, the manufacture of membranes and circuits. Our partners for thermolating paint and laser cutting of steel parts are local business.

The fight against waste
The best way to limit the impact of our production is to minimize waste.
Dice design Diptyque speakers We reflect on optimizing the use of manufacturing materials. The timber falls from the speaker machining are used to make packaging elements.

emballage dp107

For all other waste related to our production, we have set up rigorous selective sorting to give them a second life in recycling channels.

Selected materials
The choice of materials is a key point for limiting our impact on the environment. We selected :
- Recyclable materials: 65% of our speakers are 100% recyclable steel.
- low impact materials such as the MDF Mediland® wood fibers made from maritime pine (south west of France), classification E1: low formaldehyde content.
- A local origin: 98.5% of the materials come from France or Europe.
- Use of natural products: example Rubio® linen oils (Belgium) for treatment and dyeing of wooden parts.

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Strong involvement in teaching young people
Every year, we receive several trainees and students in our company. We participate in pedagogical projects in collaboration with schools and universities. We teach at the ISPRA (Audiovisual Bachelor in Toulouse) to transmit our passion for electroacoustic and the diffusion of high quality sound.

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A constant improvement.
We are committed to improving our effectiveness. We still have some axes of progress that we work to minimize the impact of our environmental manufacturing. Our priorities: packaging and shipping the speakers. We regularly update this page to report on our progress.

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