dp77 anniversary webNEW DIPTYQUE DP 77- 10TH ANNIVERSARY
In its apparent simplicity, the dp77 contains a concentrate of technology and know-how signed Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix. It is composed of a 0.132 m2 bass / medium membrane operating according to the exclusive PPBM* principle and a 30 cm high ribbon tweeter. Its mechanical sandwich structure is extremely rigid and guarantees the absence of coloring.
 Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix have designed a small panel that can integrate into any interior with its extreme fineness (2 cm) and offer many opportunities for customization and integration.
The dp77 is manufactured with the same quality requirement as its very high-end models, choosing the best components to guarantee the most beautiful and realistic sound transcription.
This small speaker sounds like a big one! All the music lovers who discovered it were surprised by the extraordinary homogeneity and sound reproduction of the Diptyque dp77. Its transparency, its speed and the superb sound image it deploys in the listening space are today a reference.
Sound professionals and creators today use the dp77 to integrate them into exhibitions, public spaces or amplifying acoustic instruments.
Specifications :
Type: 2-ways
Sensitivity (1m / 1W): 84 db
Impedance: 6 ohm
Power handling: 150 W (recommended amplifier > 60 W)
Dimensions (height / width / depth) : 77 x 47 x 2 cm
Weight: 11 kg
Finishes: printed customization available
*PPBM: Patented Push Pull Bipolar Magnet system, allowing an extended response in the bass and transient levels perfectly controlled.
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dp77 dtail
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